Service for general and personnel affairs

Within the activities, the Service for General Legal and Personnel Affairs:

  • issues all types of Decisions and Decisions (on employment, additional work, appointment, suspension of status, personal income, leave, retirement, termination of employment, etc.),
  • prepares proposals and participates in the development of regulations, decisions, conclusions and other general acts issued by the governing bodies of the Faculty,
  • conducts the procedure according to the competition for the selection of teachers and associates and prepares the sessions of the Election Council of the Faculty,
  • monitors laws and other regulations and harmonizes with them the general acts of the Faculty,
  • prepares proposals for requests, reports and other acts from the scope of educational work of the Faculty, which are submitted to line ministries,
  • provides professional assistance in resolving student requests,
  • performs the tasks of receiving, sorting and filing, merging, distributing and archiving cases,
  • performs receipt, classification, franking and dispatch of mail through the postal service and internal delivery,
  • keeps registration material and archival material and performs extraction and destruction of worthless registration material,
  • makes texts, tabular and graphic representations, by dictation or from transcripts,
  • performs other tasks within the scope of work of the administrative and technical unit of the Faculty, which are determined by law, the Statute and other general acts of the Faculty.

Service hours: 07: 30-15: 00

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